UE Cornellà’s Youth C achieved a well-deserved victory 0-2 at CF Reus Esportiu.

The team was led by Gonzalo Riutort, which is part of the Liga Preferente, had 5 SOCCER Stages members as part of the squad. Sebastian Stacey and Xu Xu, who have been part of the team since the beginning of the season as well as Symeon Nikolov, Harry Darwand and Blairi Schermer who are from Youth D, but have been called up on various occasions to play with the Preferente side.

Sebastian, Xu Xu and Harry were all part of the starting 11, while Symo came on after the half time break, debuting with the Green team. They all had a great game and worked well alongside the rest of the team to get all three points. With this result, the Green team have consolidated the 5th spot on the ladder with 47 points!