A new victory, and it’s the seventh in a row, and the WOSPAC team reaches the semifinals of the Copa Barcelona full of moral and playing a beautiful, and effective football.

The game was fully dominated by our team keeping the possession and having many opportunities during the whole game. Miraash, Maldivian player of SOCCER Stages, put ahead the team scoring the 1-0, put on track the tie. Later there was 5 minutes that our guys lost the dominance of the match and the rival team, Sagrat Cor, took the opportunity to realize the only chance that had in the game and tied the match, though, our team recovered the domain and imposed the logic, and before the end of the first half, Jason Álvarez and Son scored two goals that put WOSPAC ahead 3-1.

The second half, had no practically history, the control of the ball was overwhelming, and the team calmed the match by reassuring the game and after an elaborate play, the final 4-1 arrived thanks to Alex.

This clear victory, in which, our goalkeeper Sergio Alfaro, was practically a mere spectator, places the WOSPAC team in the semi-finals of the tournament and with clear options to play the grand finale. This next weekend it will be the match and we hope to tell you great news.

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