The presence of WOSPAC Teams in soccer tournaments this easter was not only at MIC but also in the Mundialito hosted in Portugal, in which our franchise from USA, WOSPAC USA, took part in with two teams competing in one of the tournaments that congregates the best quarries of all over the world in U-12 and U-14 categories.

Our franchise competed under the name of WOSPAC SELECTS, because a selection of players was made before the tournament after doing some tryouts along the country, had the great luck of play against such important teams as FC Barcelona, Inter Milano and Rayo Vallecano.

The presence of our american franchise at this tournament, shows the good work that WOSPAC has been doing all over the world, exporting the work methodologies from the teams of Barcelona and how succesfully are being implemented, allowing players from around the world evolve under our philosophy.

WOSPAC works internationally with many countries, and the work developed so far at USA, make us so proud and eager to keep growing and training american guys achieving our goals that will have the chance to become pros.