WOSPAC and the city of Cornellá de Llobregat are in luck. You can already request information on sgrants for sports and professional growth, which offer prestigious international universities. They are designed for the training of athletes at the highest level. They are grants with different values, but can reach up to two 250,000 euros. Not in vain, we are talking about universities in the United States of America and Canada. Countries where a lot of money is invested in quality sports training.

The requirements to qualify for these grants are clear. Young athletes must have a Baccalaureate and must have obtained a minimum score of 70 points on the SAT and TOEFL exams. In this case, it is the access tests required to be admitted to American universities. The results set the scale of the grants. The SAT is responsible for assessing the student on math, reading, or writing tests. And in turn the TOEFL measures the level of American English.

WOSPAC has helped more than 20 athletes in recent years to get grants of these characteristics. We have become a very important part of his sports and educational development. This year, there are more candidates and interested people. Especially athletes linked to the world of football, sport booming for that land. The European talent, is very well valued. The increase in demand also indicates that the level is increasing.

This type of initiative is what provokes more pride in WOSPAC. We make it possible for young athletes in Cornellá de Llobregat to have access to help that will bring them closer to their dreams. This is an indication that we are working in the right direction. For more information contact WOSPAC through the multiple communication channels available.

Alex Bosacoma

Football Barcelona Agent