In just 8 days, on June 10, the Euro 2016 begins in France and the 24 national teams that will take part in it, are making different previous concentrations, to prepare the best way possible in order to win the European Champions Trophy.

Preparation both physical and tactical prior to a tournament of this caliber, is something very important in order to face it with the maximum guarantees and with the best conditions, to be able to endure the physical demands required by the tournament and have more tactical knowledge to overcome any difficulty.

These are some that WOSPAC put more emphasis on, thanks to our highly qualified staff, who prepares the players of our programs of SOCCER Stages, in order to leave in the best way possible our Academy, to face all the challenges that arise in the future with standards always competing at the highest possible level.

This edition of the euro, will be without a doubt one of the most competitive in history, for the first time 24 national teams will participate in it, which will make the competition tougher and where the demand will be greater. Countries such as Germany, France, Spain and Italy, are as always the maximum favorites of the tournament, but surprises in the world of football are always welcome. Will be some outsider able to cause an upset?

At WOSPAC we propose you a game, who do you think will be the new champion of Europe?