After three weeks of intensive learning and gaining new football experiences, Lea Westlake has finished his stay within the WOSPAC SOCCER Coach program, where he has had the opportunity to broaden his knowledge as a coach and to get acquainted with new working methods through the training sessions he has taken part in at the WOSPAC Academy and with the different teams of UE Cornellà.

Following the working plan of SOCCER Coach under the supervision of Basel Bawab, director of the program, Lea has taken part in the morning training sessions of the WOSPAC teams where he has had the opportunity to see our boys in action who stay with us for the whole year and to get to know them. He has also participated in 4 weekly training sessions of the Youth “A” team of the Honour Division of UE Cornellà, for the 3 weeks he has stayed with us. The experience he has gained with the Youth “A” team of UE Cornellà does not end there, as he could also benefit from the matches they played, including the game when they faced the Youth “A” team of FCB that we mentioned a couple of days ago in our news section.

Besides the practical learning on the football pitch, Lea also had theory classes of methodology, given by Basel Bawab that have allowed him to become familiar with the training methods of Catalonian football and to broaden his tactical knowledge.

Finally, he also had the chance to visit the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper and got a better insight into the life of the academy. We hope that Lea has enjoyed this great experience at WOSPAC and we hope that it helps him to be successful with his team, the NOLA Spartans F.C.