Makio Yamamoto, American player of the annual program of SOCCER Stages the last 2 years and a half, bid farewell today to the family of WOSPAC, to undertake a new football and academic adventure in the United States.

Throughout this time in WOSPAC, Makio, who came in search of a dream “playing football in Europe”, had formed as a person and as a footballer and has made great friendships with teammates, coaches and workers of WOSPAC, which will allow him to keep in touch with a group of people that has been a very important part of his life.

While his stay at WOSPAC, Makio has combined his studies at ISB international school along with trainings with the team of the Academy and in the evenings with the U-19 teams of UE Cornellà, where since his arrival, has experienced a huge progress as a player quickly adapted to a new style of play and has improved his tactical knowledge on the field.

Thanks to this progress experienced as a footballer has allowed him to obtain a place at an American University, where he will study architecture and continue playing football in the team of the University showing the qualities acquired in the program SOCCER Stages.

It was a pleasure to share this time with you Makio, best of luck in the future, in WOSPAC you will be always remembered fondly.

Goodbye Makio!