Yesterday 13th of August, Albert Benaiges, Methodology Soccer Director of WOSPAC visited the Cornellà premises to work and study new work methodologies for trainers, coaches and players of all our football programs. 

Benaiges, at the moment is living in Dominican Republic as Sport Director of Cibao CF and he has visited Barcelona in order to carry on working alongside to our technical staff for all our proposed methodologies for young footballers and coaches. Benaiges has a long successful historial on grassroots football and he determined a real milestone on the FC Barcelona Masia

Thanks to the untiring work on football, Benaiges helped many players to develop their full potential and reach their goals to play in professional teams. With these new methodologies Benaiges is proposing some interesting new concepts for all WOSPAC programs, in order to reach a full sportive potential development of every single individual skill of all our athletes.  

It is always a pleasure to see and work with you again, “mi Maestro”!