All the parents want the best for their children. If the passion of your children is soccer, why not Barcelona?

That is what the father and mother of our two protagonists, Atakan and Ilkan, thought. Ilkan is the older of two brothers whose father is Turkish and mother is American. Their love for soccer is high and especially for Wesley Snaijder, player of the Turkish team of Galatasaray.

Atakan and Ilkan landed in Barcelona with WOSPAC the last April the 9th. The boys have performed his first training with us and there are two weeks ahead full of soccer and fun. “The boys are very excited” – the father says. “Definitely, this can be a great opportunity and experience for them”. “The kids can learn Spanish, there are more trainings and the soccer education here is the best”. – Underlined an enthusiastic father looking at his children with a huge smile in their faces.

Before they trained with WOSPAC, the brothers who are 10 and 8 years old had tried in other schools such as Ajax Amsterdam, Galatasaray or FC Barcelona. “Internet brought us to WOSPAC”. “The web site is very simple and we saw everything clear”. – Sir Ozdemir said about how they met WOSPAC. “There are lots of good videos on YouTube”.

Follow the experience of Ozdemir family and offer to your children the wonderful opportunity of living an amazing and unique experience in Barcelona. We are looking forward to se you!