Life can change in a matter of seconds. One play, one fault, one goal or, even one result can dictate the immediate future of a coach. The coaches are always examined. The success or fail of a club depends directly on the coach´s work. For that reason, they need to be educated and ready. WOSPAC believes that they must be visionaries, creative and properly ready to adapt to any situation in order to achieve his/her dream. Every master has his own trick, but why not learning the METHODOLOGY of the BARCELONA SOCCER CLUBS?

That is what WOSPAC offers through its program WOSPAC Coach: unique and high quality programs in the city of Barcelona to improve in both sporting and educative field for coaches older than 16 years old. The WOSPAC Coach trainings are unique. “I am looking for new knowledge, more experience and I want to do the same in Poland with my Academy” – said enthusiastic and exited the Polish coach Rafal Legierski during his stay with WOSPAC.

Rafal learned from the theoretical lessons given by the Catalonian Soccer Federation (organization which regulates soccer in Barcelona and Catalonia). Just like that, this Polish friend enjoyed like nobody else from the practical lessons by being part of the coach staff of the UE Cornellà (“affiliated” club with FC Barcelona). This is a high quality guarantee course for coaches that want to educate and learn from the combinative way of play typical of FC Barcelona.

Know more about our fantastic courses here. Follow the example of Rafal, come to Barcelona and reach your full technical potential in order to keep developing yourself and be able to train professionally.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and decide to get this amazing journey started. You promise to show you the furthest where you can possible get.