After the summer break and deserved vacations of all players, soccer is once again the main protagonist in the WOSPAC Academy in Bermuda.

A new season begins for the guys who have relied on the sports development of the WOSPAC technification programs of Bermuda. Programs that meet the needs of players and adapted to different times in order to have a comprehensive training as complete as possible. If you are a player of Bermuda and want to continue to improve you can do it in the morning, afternoon and evening programs of WOSPAC.

”Having, once again, young soccer players with talent who want to continue training with WOSPAC is very important for us and above all, gives us a real idea of how important it is and about the good work we are doing to provide opportunities for these players. Everyone knows firsthand the effort and sacrifice involved to improve every day, but the ambition is one of the maxims of our players. It’s amazing to work with them day after day” said Kenneth Thompson, director of the Bermuda franchise at the end of the first session of the 2015/16 season.

As follows we leave you some of the images of the first day of training. Do you still not know them at all? You shall soon… Stay tuned!