The end of the season is almost here and it is time to congratulate our “linked” basketball club, Basket Almeda, for a marvellous season. Congratulations to all the human beings that have been possible the huge successes achieved by the different teams that formed the entity.

A wonderful team that has been able to guide a group of players, young and looking forward to face the world, to triumph in their respective leagues in Catalunya as well as in the different Spanish tournaments where the club took part in.

Overviewing this amazing season, Basket Almeda has achieved the following triumphs among others:

  • The male junior 2 team is the Catalonian champions and got the promotion to a higher league called Preferente.
  • The female senior team just proclaimed sub-champions of the first edition of the Flama del Canigó tournament in France. They are also the sub-champions of Catalunya.
  • The female U-16 team 1 has succeeded this season becoming the new Catalonian champion and being sub-champion of Spain in Zaragoza.
  • The female U-14 team are currently playing the Spanish Endesa tournament. They have won 3-0 her group and are currently playing the final phase.

Individually, some of the club players have been by the national team of Catalunya in order to play tournaments. Besides, some of the club coaches are nominated to the best coach of Catalunya rewards in their respective categories.

The club goes through a fascinating time. It is the perfect club to grow as a basketball player thanks to its qualified coaches and staff as well as the competitiveness of its teams. Nowadays, Basket Almeda is deep into preparing their rosters for the next season. The club would love counting with the experience and international talent. For that, WOSPAC wants to count on you and take part in the success of the club. Find out more of our Basket Stages programs and do not hold your will of winning.

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