In the past few weeks you could already hear about Kenni Thompson, who is taking part in our WOSPAC Stages program, because she has had some really intense and successful weeks behind. First, she debuted in the U16 Catalonian national team, then she also made her debut and at the same time scored her first goal in the first team of Sant Gabriel, playing in the women’s Second Division in Spain.

But life goes on, and Kenni doesn’t stop! This weekend Sant Gabriel travelled to Palma de Mallorca to fight for the 3 points against Collerense B. Kenni was part of the starting line-up and even though it was only her second match in the league, she played like a player with many years of experience. She played decently in the first half, but the spectators in Coll d’en Rabassa could see real magic from her in the second half.

They returned to the pitch with a 1-1 on the scoreboard, and had the aim to find a goal and win the game. They didn’t have to wait a lot to see something incredible from this 15-year old girl: after beating 3 defenders from the opponent, she scored an absolutely stunning goal from the penalty area. This meant that Sant Gabriel took the lead and as the score did not change anymore (1-2), could win the game as well. Thanks to the great contribution of Kenni they returned to Catalonia with the 3 points in the pocket.

We are very happy to see one of our players performing very well, wishing a lot of success for Kenni with her team for the future. Good luck Kenni and never stop!!!