The Catalan National U16 Team with Kenni Thompson, player of SOCCER Stages of WOSPAC program, in its team, has proclaimed champion of Spain in the category after beating in the final Madrid .

The dispute of the final phase was in the town of Torremolinos in Málaga, and brought together the teams of AsturiasCataloniaMadrid and Basque country who were those who reached the final stage. In the semi-finals the Catalunya beat Asturias in a clear win by 4-0 with Kenni Thompson in the starting XI. The game was peaceful and had a clear domain since the beginning of the catalan set. In the other semifinal Madrid beated the Basque country.

In the final against MadridCatalonia, was superior from the start by controlling the pace of the match and having clear occasions like a shot to the bar. Finally in the 42 minute with a stunning shot from outside the area Llopis put ahead the Catalan team.

The second part of the match followed the same trend although the Catalans, failed to score the goal because of the good defense of Madrid, yet them nor worried the Catalan goal. Finally, in the stoppage time Catalunya sentenced the final, scoring the final 2-0 that gave the title of champions to themfor the third time in the last four years and this time he does it with a player of SOCCER Stagesin their ranks.

Kenni’s, great season has been completed with this trophy and she has been linked with a move to the London team Chelsea.

Kenni congratulations for this title and all what you have achieved this year.