Today it’s time to meet Juan Pablo Ortega, a Mexican player of the SOCCER Stages program of WOSPAC. Juan Pablo, is a 16 years old left back who is currently playing his second season in WOSPAC, where he came to fulfill a dream that had since he was child, play soccer in Spain.

On the pitch, what best defines Juan Pablo is his commitment and involvement, where he left everything he has in him in every game, in search of the common goal. It is the perfect definition of a team player, thanks to his spirit of sacrifice that makes him during the 90 minutes of the game keep a very high defensive intensity, helping in coverage and defensively.

In offensive terms, is a full back, that adds pace and arrivals from the left side and able to perform actions in short spaces at high speed, both having a good shift in long, as putting precise centers for the forwards. In the offensive aspects he has improved along this time, by selecting the precise moments when he should get incorporated and when not, and providing the proper exit of ball and make key passes to break the defensive structures. Juan Pablo progression since his arrival has been very positive, and thanks to daily workouts and their perseverance his improvement has been excellent.

In the last edition of the MIC, Juan Pablo, played with one of the U-19 teams of WOSPAC, although he is 16 years old, and his performance was of a very high level, leaving evidence of great progression experienced so far and the great future that is ahead of him if it maintains the high level of work and commitment shown so far.

Don’t miss the chance to meet him and which has been the experience of Juan Pablo so far in WOSPAC, as well as his ability with the ball.