At WOSPAC it’s usual for us to say goodbye, players are coming and leaving, and this week something has come to an end as well. Our Hungarian intern, Bálint Szakács, student from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences has finished his stay in Barcelona, working in the Marketing & Communication Department in the last 2 and a half months.

Despite of the short period of time he has spent with us, he could fit in easily and became a full and active member of the WOSPAC family. He arrived in a very intense period, when a lot of changes have happened and a lot of works have had to be done. He has had an important part in the new website strategy of WOSPAC, and he also helped us opening towards the Hungarian market, creating a franchise web and brochures in Hungarian. We could also benefit from his excellent language skills, speaking both in English and Spanish that has been really useful for the everyday activities of the MKT&COM department. He did interviews with the players and coaches in both languages, creating bilingual news for the website and social media. His work and involvement have been always excellent, and he had an important contribution to the academy’s development.

However, this experience in Barcelona hasn’t just been helpful for us, but it has been really useful for him as well: “My dream was to come to Barcelona one day and work in the world of football. Now it has become true and it was a great experience. Sometimes it was tough, but I learned how to work always under pressure and I learned a lot from the people around me. I have also grown as a person and my Spanish has improved so much, so I am really glad, thank you for everything”

We are really proud of Bálint and we are thankful for his work and contribution. We wish you the best of luck for the future and we hope to see you soon!