Today it is the turn introduce Gavin Euksuzian, a 14 years old player born in the United States, which is enjoying his second season within the program of 10 months of SOCCER Stages of WOSPAC.

Gavin, came to WOSPAC looking for an exciting opportunity” and to improve and as a player, while making friends from all over the world.

If we talk about the characteristics of Gavin as a player, we have a player who plays as a midfielder, where is very versatile and very associative with the ball on his feet with a very high tactical knowledge of the game, knowing at all times which is the best situation and teammate to give the pass and its tactical movements always have an intention always looking for the recovery and distribution of the ball. His passing decision is above the average and makes him to be a player very appreciated for his coaches. His great weapon when it comes to distributing the ball is his change of the game, in search of the spaces behind the back of the defense.

Since his arrival , Gavin has made great progress as a player, taking big steps forward, becoming a player even more intelligent feeling very comfortable playing as a midfielder. Over this period in WOSPAC, Gavin has alternated workouts with U-16 teams of UE Cornellà, along with daily training with WOSPAC.

During the last edition of the MIC, and despite having only 14 years, he played with the U-18 Team facing Sevilla CF,  and having a role more than excelled despite his young age.

If you want to live the same experience that he is living, do not hesitate, visit, sign up and come and enjoy a unique experience in life. Enjoy the video, in which Gavin shows us his quality with the ball, as well as gives us details of what he has learned with WOSPAC.