This weekend the infantil and juvenil teams of WOSPAC played their respective games with different results but with a good feeling.

On the one hand, the juvenil team won by 4-3 to Sagrat Cor de Sarrià and played a very hard game. In the first 45 minutes, both teams had scored 2 goals. After the break, the team of WOSPAC was a little bit better than the team of Sarria. Small details decided the game of the international team of SOCCER Stages.

The infantil WOSPAC team played in the New Municipal de Cornellà, and led by Diego Morata got a draw against Thau. The team of Morata started with a high pace, scoring 4 minutes into the game with Zhou being the scorer. Just five minutes later, Josue scored the second goal of the WOSPAC team, leading by 2-0 at the half time.

 In the second half, the tone of the game was completely different. The lack of success and bad luck played a trick on the “infantil” team and allowed the visiting team to score two goals to tie the game after 90 minutes.

Undoubtedly good work of both teams of WOSPAC, but they have to continue working to keep improving. Congratulations guys!