Today we introduce you Imthiyaz Miraash, player of the SOCCER Stages program. Miraash is a 16-year-old player from the Maldives Islands, a beatiful place located in the Indian Ocean, playing his 3rd season in WOSPAC, where he has developed as a person and as a football player, chasing a dream, become one day a professional player. Throughout these years, he has combined his studies with his sporting life, training daily with the WOSPAC team as well as with UE Cornellà.

From its arrive to the present day, the progress of Miraash has been outstanding. First in his years as U-16 player and later as U-19, where he is currently playing its first year. Being freshmen, Miraash, has had the opportunity to train with the U-19 of División de Honor (U-19 Top Level) of the UE Cornellà even though he has played his games alternating U-18 and U-17 .

As a football player, Miraash, is very versatile and has a huge quality and use to play as a winger or attacking midfielder. Has an incredible change of pace and an innate facility to the dribble one against one, no doubt about it, Miraash is one of the bigger WOSPAC young promises.

Also, Miraash has a great reputation in his country, and is regarded as the great hope for the future for the national team which has already opened his doors by comparing him to the famous Maldivian player Ali Ashfaq best known as “Dhagandey”.

This enormous progress over these three years in WOSPAC, has allowed him to mature as a player, and thanks to that become an example of what one can achieve as being part of the program WOSPAC Stages. Thanks to his work and the daily effort in the training field both with WOSPAC and UE Cornellà, has allowed him improve their football level becoming a firm promise for the future.

Don’t miss the chance to meet him, we leave you a video of Miraash explaining his experience in WOSPAC Stages and showing us some of his best skills.