Last weekend was a very special weekend for Dana Lindsey Hense and Harry Darwand.

Dana, 18 years old and from American nationality, is a member of SOCCER Stages and started the season playing with youth E of UE Cornellà. Due to the great work done the first half of the season, he has been called in several occasions with Youth D.

Harry, 18 years old and from Australian nationality, also a member of SOCCER Stages, is a fixed line-up in the defense of youth D.

The big news came this weekend, since Gonzalo Riutort, coach of youth C from “preferente” league, decided to take Dana and Harry for the match that the green team would have to play in La Floresta football field, in Tarragona. Harry started for the team while Dana came in the last minutes of the match. They could not help the team accomplish a positive result, since they lost by 2 goals to 0. The debut of Dana was seen by all his family, since two days ago they came to visit him by surprise.

Congratulation guys!!!