The end of the season for players of SOCCER Stagesis practically around the corner, so next Monday in WOSPAC, there will be various acts to close this season, where great moments together have been through along the season.

The first activity and the most awaited by all, will be the traditional match that will face coaches and workers of WOSPAC, against players who have been part of the annual program of SOCCER Stagesin the stadium of UE Cornellà. As each end of the season, the game will serve to close the season and will be framed within a festive environment although the rivalry between coaches and players in the field will be present and the victory of any of the two sides, will be remembered for a long time and at the same time will generate all kinds of jokes throughout the day.

As can be seen in the photo, the pulse is cast.

On the other hand, in the afternoon will take part the ceremony of delivery of diplomas to each and every one of the members who have participated in this season of SOCCER Stageswhich certifies the season make at WOSPAC. 

It has been an incredible season and we want to thank each and every one of the people who have been part of this great year in WOSPAC, and we hope that the coming year continue this great atmosphere and the desire to learn and improve.

Stay tuned to find out which will be the score of the game of the year.