3 years ago the Handball Club Gava, became a WOSPAC partner in the form of Handball. They decided to devote efforts and resources to promote and form the basis categories. During these three years we saw the results, more children practicing our sport, more competitive and equipment. In this short step of our players there has been the program of modernization of the Catalan team. Which finished 3th and represent our community in the next edition of the championships in Spain of selections.

The next day, 3th of January until the 8th of January the regional teams will contest the championship of Spain. Almería, Roquetas de Mar, Viator and Vicar, and Gavà Handball Club will be represented by Claudia Lemons Rio and Sofia Feliu Medrano in the junior category and Jana Castañera Bravo in the cadet category.

The female infant selection is drawn in Group A where they will face the teams of Galicia, Castilla, Leon and Aragon. For its part, the female cadet selection is drawn in group B, which will rival the selections of Aragon, the Canary Islands and Castilla La Mancha. Both teams begin on day 3 of the championship.

Without any doubt, we find it more rewarding to see young talent of the Catalan handball players Handball Club formed in Gava. They begin to emerge and are convened by the selection. Of course we wish you the greatest success in this experience that will surely be a great succes.

Good luck Claudia, Sofia and Jana!