Our “linked” basketball team, Basket Almeda, comes back to play the Endesa clubs championship in Zaragoza this week. After having been the Junior team eliminated in the final phase a few weeks ago, the U-14 female team goes to Zaragoza in a magnificent condition.

After having been Catalonian champions in a Final Four, our girls come to this big date full of enthusiasm. The U-14 team is placed in the group A with the champion of Extremadura (Miralvalle Carnicería Bernal), the champion of the Basque Country (Autocares Ulacia ISB) and the second qualified of Canary Island (La Salle Tenerife).

The tournament kicked off yesterday where our warriors defeated the team from the islands for 28 points difference (40-68). Carolina Guerrero stepped up with 15 points, 7 rebounds and a wonderful 20 points of valuation. They are 1-0 in her group and put themselves on track to the next round.

The club goes through a fascinating time. The different teams do not stop achieving great successes for the entity. Nowadays, Basket Almeda is deep into preparing their rosters for the next season. The club would love counting with the experience and international talent. For that, WOSPAC wants to count on you and take part in the success of the club. Find out more of our Basket Stages programs here and do not hold your will of winning.

Do not miss it!