Relationships are made day by day. The chemistry in a team is built with the daily trainings and relations between the individuals that form it. The team chemistry is something necessary for the big collective success. Having all the members understanding themselves is the key to reach the goals that have been set during the season.

The WOSPAC Teams program has that same goal: encouraging the relationships and creating bones between the members of the team spending one week in the incomparable city of Barcelona. The trainings in the high quality facilities and the friendly matches to be played will build that powerful team chemistry. “In any team sport, the best teams are the ones which posses consistency and chemistry” (Roger Staubach, ex American football player).

As a sector leader in Barcelona, WOSPAC offers a unique program that will satisfy with any expectation. However, everything is not just soccer. The programs combine the sporting development with several leisure activities. Barcelona is the perfect city to build team relationships. Its wheather, its culture, its gastronomy and its soccer history, home of FC Barcelona, make Barcelona the idyllic place to enjoy and learn.

Our PRO coaches are looking forward to having you here. Teams from all over the world have already tried it and been satisfied. Teams such as Aspire Academy (Qatar), The Hill School (United States), Shoot Junior Youth FC (Japan) or Bermuda Athletic Association (Bermuda) have already been with us. Will you be the next one?

Find out more about our WOSPAC Teams programs here and do not disappoint yourself. Come to Barcelona with your team and have the opportunity to face the maximum level of work.

You are looking forward to see you!