This week bid farewell Arthur van Den Brink, a Dutch student who the last 5 and a half months has been working in the Department of MKT & COM WOSPAC thanks to a scholarship granted by the Hogeschool van Rotterdam, the University of Applied Sciences where Arthur is in the third year of his studies.

Throughout these months, Arthur has been a very active person in the Department and has helped perform various tasks, developing communication strategies, thinking of new business proposals and knowing the wide range of the services offered by WOSPAC. The work, dedication and involvement provided by Arthur at all times has been excellent and has contributed to the daily development of the activity of WOSPAC contributing his part and above all, his ideas.

For Arthur certainly has been a tremendous experience that has been able to live with us throughout this time in a city like Barcelona. As he told us “this has been the best half year of my life so far”, likewise he has been captivated by the city of Barcelona and its lifestyle , “if it was for me I would stay here, but I am sure that I’ll be back again” added Arthur.

Finally, he left us these words of gratitude “thank you very much for everything, I’ve personally, developed both as a person and as a worker.” Thank you so much!”. All members of WOSPAC makes us feel proud that Arthur has been able to enjoy this experience and wish him the best of luck for the future.

Thank you Arthur!