Sergio Alfaro, a member of SOCCER Stages program has been called up for the first time with the national team of Costa Rica U-15 to play the UNCAF tournament. 

Alfaro is a talented young Costa Rican goalkeeper and is experiencing one of the sweetest moments that a boy of his age can have. He is living far from home in his new city Barcelona. He is participating a new club, UE Cornellà. He and 40 other athletes are following the educational SOCCER Stages Internships program. Learning day by day and improving to be a pro athletes.

The young tico is very clear what he wants to do. Now the time has come, the time to play football for the national soccer team of Costa Rica: “I feel very fortunate and proud to have such an important opportunity like this. Knowing that all the effort and sacrifice that my parents and I have made. To get the best, you must work hard and hard work pays off. It’s incredible that I can participate in this tournament. I am happy to represent my country and defend the goal of my team, which feeling is the greatest feeling ever”.

On 30 October Alfaro headed to Costa Rica to train with Costa Rican team, lead by Cristian Solomon, coach of the U15. After one week they played their first match. In less than a month the team plays 8 games at a high level of football.

On the 17th of November the team of Alfaro flies to Nicaragua to participate at the important UNCAF tournament, where they will face the national teams of Panama, El Salvador, Honduras, Belize, Guatemala and Nicaragua (the host).

What Sergio Alfaro is doing, is for the most of the soccer players of his age impossible. At all times he has shown us a lot of enthusiasm: “It’s indescribable what I’m going through. My dream will come true: to do what I like the most, which is play football and defend the colours of my national team. I’ll give everything to develop myself and I will enjoy this experience.”

Enjoy Sergio. The whole WOSPAC team wishes you good luck for this new adventure!