The season has ended, but WOSPAC is preparing news for next year and we are working to provide the best quality services at sports for the following season.That is why we continue to work with the UE Cornellà in the realization of its Summer Camp, which takes place on the premises of Municipal Nou de Cornellà during the months of June and July.

Alexandre Nidal Chway, a young player of 13 years from Brazil is one of the participants of the WOSPAC camp. Nidal, who’s brithday is next month on August 2nd is enjoying the experience and the opportunity to share each day from 08: 30h to 17:00h, his passion for football with 50 other young players.

The youngster, who was accompanied by his parents, will live three weeks (from June 29 to July 19) in Baix Llobregat, where he will enjoy leisure activities and get to know Barcelona apart from his stay on the camp.