AE Prat, from El Prat de Llobregat, of whom last week as we announced, signed a collaboration agreement with WOSPAC, from which both institutions will benefit from the promotion and training of players and coaches, became champions of the Third Division Group V, after a spectacular season.

The potablava (nickname of the club) team coached by Pedro Dólera, serving his first season as first coach, after a successful period in CE Europa whom he classified for 3 consecutive play-off, has managed to clinch the first place of the regular competition, which will allow them to play in the final stage to get the promotion and return to the Segunda División B after 2 seasons in the Third Division. If they would not overcome this round of play-off, the AE Prat, would have another opportunity to achieve the promotion if they would overcome the two rounds that should deal with.

The season of the potablaveshas been based in a large defensive strength, getting to be the team that conceded least goals of the league, and at the same time a good scoring efficiency led by its two most goalscorers Sascha Andreu and Jordi Sánchez. Note that the Municipal Sagnier, stadium of AE Prat, has been an inexpugnable stronghold for the rivals, where they has accumulated 16 months without knowing the defeat accumulating a record of; 11 wins and 7 draws.

This weekend against EC Granollers, players were greeted, recognizing their Championship and great season. The game, ended with a draw 1-1.

The last day Prat will face Terrassa to close the regular season and face the Playoff with maximum ambition and enthusiasm.

From WOSPAC we want to wish good luck to the AE Prat in the Playoff to promote to Segunda Division B.