As we have been doing the last few weeks, today we introduce you another of the players who are part of the 10 months program SOCCER Stages of WOSPAC. The guy that we present today, is called Adrian Ringele and is a powerful centre-forward who comes from Switzerland and currently playing its second season at WOSPAC.

Adrian is a powerful striker who likes to receive the ball back to the net and keep the ball to distribute to their teammates, allowing to create goal chances. It is quick attacking spaces in depth and great to fight for divided balls with his body both. It has a very refined technique and has the ability to act on each and every one of the positions of attack where he plays at very good level in all of them.Within the field, Adrian, proves to be a very intelligent player and understands at all times what the team needs.

It is definitely has very good conditions to become a very complete forward, and we are confident that if still playing and showing its amazing abilities in the field, will get it.

This season, in addition to the workouts with WOSPAC, Adrian has played and trained with the U-19 Team of Unificación Bellvitge, which has a partnership agreement with WOSPAC, and team that just got promoted this season to the highest U-19 level, playing in his U-19 “B” where the day of his debut scored twice.

If you want to know more about Adrian and his experience in SOCCER Stages, don’t miss your chance to see his video where you can see their best football tricks and their feelings.