Adam Kovarskas, ended his stay of 2 weeks in the SOCCER Stages programwhere he arrived with a clear objective, “to become a professional footballer” and at the same time “be a better player and gain experience as a player” and relied on WOSPAC because it was the place that offered him all this.

Adam throughout these two weeks in SOCCER Stageshas combined soccer trainings with WOSPAC team as well as the UE Cornellà Cadet team that have enabled him to develop his football potential.

Likewise, it has also experienced the new service that has incorporated the SOCCER Stages program, WOSPAC Technification, who works the physical aspects of the players to improve their performance in the field. Thanks to this service, Adam, has made gym sessions as well as new sessions of technification on the beach, where the players are exercised in an environment totally different from the usual and performing exercises of physical force and resistance both inside and out of the water.

After his experience in WOSPAC, he told us that thanks to his work here under the direction of “very good coaches” and where workouts are of “a very high level”, has improved his soccer skills and his vision of game within the field. Also commented us that thanks to Spanish lessons that he has done, has learned a few words and phrases in Spanish.

Thank you Adam for trusting in WOSPAC and we hope to see you very soon again with us.