The combined Youth WOSPAC team continues his winning streak and victories Last Saturday was no exception. They won the game against the Thau School team with a big score: 7-1!

At 10 o’clock in the morning the showdown between the WOSPAC team and the Thau School team began. They were 15 casualties of the players of SOCCER Stages for different reasons (injury, examination or trip). The game had a satisfactory result. The team was completed after a call to 3 young players of the UE Cornellà.

From the beginning, the team that was led by Narcís Sirvent and Diego Morata, showed their intentions and its superiority on the field. In their first approaches there were many occasions, until in the 37th minute! The first goal was scored by Jiatao. The first 45 minutes ended with 2-0 on the scoreboard.

In the second half there were goals from Miraash (2), Kane (2), Jason (1) and Kenny (1). They put the game with the Thau School team in 7-1. Without a doubt: hard work (the training and all the sacrifice from all the members of the program) pays off.